Using Social Media to Recruit Volunteers – Part 2

As I mentioned before, most who attended our “Using Social Media to Recruit Volunteers Training” on May 24th are new to using social media in a professional capacity. I’ve taught this topic several times in the last 18 months and have received a lot of “how to” type of questions. Herewith are answers to a few of the perennial favorites:

  1. What’s this vanity URL option on Facebook and how do I get one?
    After your page gains 25+ fans, you can register for one.
  2. What does ______ mean?
    Use this handy social media vocabulary guide to learn what #followfriday, retweet, and podcast mean. More buzz words here.
  3. How much time does it take to develop a community on Facebook or following on Twitter? What about YouTube?
    Beth Kanter
    answered this question a couple of years ago and her advice still rings true. It takes approximately 20 hours a week to cultivate a strong community on Facebook, 15+ hours/week for YouTube, and 5-10 hours/week for Twitter.
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