For Businesses

For Businesses

Businesses of all sizes gain from being engaged in the community. From increased employee loyalty and retention to positive customer relationships, employee volunteer programs benefit the bottom line. The Volunteer Center of the East Bay supports businesses and corporations in their strategic commitment to workplace volunteerism and civic engagement by offering outstanding services and programs.

The Volunteer Center is a valuable resource for businesses and corporations seeking to engage their employees in volunteer activities. Through the Volunteer Center, you can find year-round volunteer opportunities to connect your employees with local nonprofits. The Volunteer Center can provide ideas for your next corporate volunteer group project.

East Bay Business Volunteer Council (BVC)

East Bay Business Volunteer CouncilThe East Bay Business Volunteer Council (BVC) is a coalition of East Bay businesses sharing a common interest in workplace volunteering and community engagement. Bi-monthly meetings provide members an opportunity to learn and share knowledge with fellow business professionals. Membership in the BVC is open to any company or business with offices, operations and employees in the East Bay.  Find out more about the East Bay BVC.

Corporate Caring Volunteer Week

Each September, we partner with Chevron to offer Corporate Caring Volunteer Week, the largest corporate volunteer program in the Bay Area. This week-long event brings thousands of employees from local companies together to volunteer at East Bay nonprofits. Corporate Caring Volunteer Week provides an easy and unique way for corporations to strengthen their community involvement and elevate their status as corporate leaders. Learn more about Corporate Caring Volunteer Week.

To learn more about these and other services available to businesses, please contact Jo Loss at 925-472-5760 or contact us by email.