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Board Link – for Nonprofits

The Volunteer Center is a critical volunteer resource in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, referring over 16,000 volunteers annually.  Many of those volunteers possess the skills and resources you are looking for in board members; volunteers who have experience in marketing, fundraising, law, accounting/finance, technology and strategic planning.

People who come to the Volunteer Center have already decided that they want to volunteer.  By using Board Link to advertise your board opportunities, volunteers will be able to review your mission and programming and select your organization as one that interests them.  They then contact you about joining your board, simplifying the recruiting process because they have already been “sold” on your organization.


To participate in Board Link you need to be registered with the Volunteer Center: Agency Login/Register. After registering, you can add your board opportunity.

If you are not sure what registering entails, please review our Frequently Asked Questions page for nonprofits.


Our Generic Board Member Position Description is a great starting point for developing your organization’s board member position description.

And don’t reinvent the wheel! Review the board opportunities already available on our site:


Need more help?  Contact us at 925-472-5760 or contact us by email.