Disaster Network Volunteers

Disaster Network Volunteers

Disaster Network Volunteers

We need more Disaster Network Volunteers to support our Disaster Response program!

What is a “Disaster Network Volunteer?”

Disaster Network Volunteers use their personal social media profiles to encourage community service.

What is the Volunteer Center’s role in a local disaster or emergency?

After a disaster, there is an outpouring of community support for those affected. Our Center connects volunteers with opportunities to help with relief and recovery efforts. And we need your help broadcasting this important information!

How does Social Media play a role in the Center’s Disaster Response program?

Our Center will post information about how volunteers can sign up to help with disaster recovery projects. We’ll also post information about how those who are affected by the disaster can find temporary shelter, and food, etc.

How do I become a Disaster Network Volunteer for the Volunteer Center?

  1. Become a Fan of the Volunteer Center on Facebook.
  2. Follow Us on Twitter.
    When local disaster or emergency occurs, retweet and share disaster information posted by the Volunteer Center if you are able to access the Internet.

Is that all you need me to do? What if I want to be more involved?

Sharing our messages with your network is a big help to us and we thank you heartily! And if you want to get more involved, you’ll be among the first to find out where help is needed.


If you would like further assistance, please contact us by email or call Jo Loss at (925) 472-5760.