Family Volunteering

Family Volunteering

Family volunteering strengthens families and strengthens our community. It’s a great way to spend time together. Our Volunteer Calendar is one way to find a volunteer opportunity. Many of the weekend projects available tend to be outdoor gardening and/or creek clean-up projects. These are great opportunities to teach your children about environmental stewardship.

To search our entire database of one-time and on-going volunteer opportunities:

  1. Log on to our advanced search page
  2. Filter volunteer information based on who you are, choose an option under “I am interested in opportunities available to…”
  3. Families with small children will have better luck finding appropriate projects by searching for opportunities available to both “Children (5-12)” and “Families.”


Finding an opportunity to volunteer with your family can be challenging at times. You want to help but the projects available are limited. Often the answer is to be a bit more creative. We’ve gathered several fun ideas about how you can initiate and organize a service opportunity for your family.