Volunteer FAQs

FAQs for Volunteers

Below is a list of frequently asked questions we receive from volunteers. If you have additional questions, please contact us by email or give us a call at (925) 472-5760.

You may begin by clicking on Search for Opportunities, where you may search by zip code, issue or key word. If you would like to refine your search, you may register and fill out a profile with your particular interests. You can elect to receive automatic email updates when new opportunities are entered into the database. When you register, you are also asked to provide basic demographic data which helps the Volunteer Center understand local trends in community service.

For privacy reasons and to reduce the amount of spam emails and phone calls to agencies we require that users of our site register in order to access phone numbers and email addresses.

From the home page, use the Advanced Search and scroll down to ‘I am interested in opportunities available to’ and check Court-Appointed. You can also enter in a zipcode and distance to find opportunities in your area.

Try limiting your search – choose only one option in each category. The search function is ‘restrictive’, which means that only opportunities fitting all of the criteria you chose will appear when you do a search. Choosing only one or two search criteria will increase the number of opportunities that are returned to you.

Search by agency. Click on Search for Opportunities and then click on Agencies. Type in a keyword for your interest area, or put in your zipcode and a distance to find agencies in your area. You can access the agency’s volunteer opportunities by clicking on ‘View Opportunities’ on the agency page.

Yes, click on Search for Opportunities and then click on Agencies. Type in the specific agency that you are looking for or a portion of their name, and the system will find them for you.

Some of the organizations that the Volunteer Center works with do not have e-mail accounts, so we include a telephone number where you may contact them.

Some agencies have multiple volunteer opportunities, with different people responsible for service opportunities.

No, it is completely free. Our mission is to connect people with opportunities for community service. We do not charge agencies or volunteers for our referral services. Our programs are funded through a combination of individual gifts, corporate donations and foundation grants. To learn more about how the Center is funded, visit Support Us.

Because many nonprofit staff are part-time or have many different duties, it may take them a few days to get back to you. You can contact them again, or, if no one responds to your request, you can contact us by email or call us at (925) 472-5760.

Nonprofits that qualify as a 501(c) 3 organization under the IRS tax code can post their volunteer needs on this database. Governmental agencies and organizations providing living assistance for seniors may also post their opportunities.