Know How Network

Know How Network for Volunteers

Volunteer your know howAre you the piece we need?

Volunteer your know how.

If you are age 55+ and want to use your skills and experience to give back and make a difference, we can help.  We’ll connect you to nonprofits with projects that match your interests, skills and schedule. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us! How it works.

I have a busy schedule so I was pleased Know How found small graphic design projects for me.  I had fun and felt my contribution was helpful.
-Ray Zenoni, KHN volunteer

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Contact Dolores Pita, Program Director RSVP/KHN, Corporation for National & Community Service

Contact us by email or call 925-472-5769; 925-472-5760. Visit our Know How Network site here.

The Know How Network is an RSVP Contra Costa program, funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service and the Volunteer Center of the East Bay.