Youth Action

Youth Action/YA Advisory Council

The Volunteer Center hosts a student volunteer program called  Youth Action. The program consists of local high school students who want to improve the community by volunteering for one-time projects they choose, manage and lead. This is a great way for youth to sample a variety of opportunities that can lead to future careers, skills development and also gives them the opportunity to learn about local community issues. YAC members are the Volunteer Center’s youth voice in the community.

Past volunteer projects have included sorting food at the Food Bank, providing holiday gifts, serving lunch at a homeless dining room, bagging groceries for low-income individuals/families and cleaning a creek.

We also are constantly striving to improve the program and have formed an Youth Action Advisory Council to help with program evolution. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the committee or attending a meeting.

Dee Dee Robillard, Program Director, is available at (925) 472-5768 or contact us by email.